About Us


Chef Renny


As a girl, Renny admired her father’s passion for food and creating great meals. Instinctively, trying out new recipes became Renny’s passion as well; a way for her to express her ingenuity in a creative way. Over time, she perfected her art and was motivated to share with others the exquisite taste of her dishes, thus starting multiple culinary businesses. 

Chef Renny started first catering company in 2011, and has now reached the palates of others in several metropolitan areas, including Chicago, Phoenix, and most now Los Angeles.

Chef Jason 

Aka "Chef Hurt"


Chef Jason started out in the kitchen at 15 years old as a dishwasher at Red Lobster washing dishes and baking. From there, he worked many cook’s lines until I earned my first chef position under Emeril Lagasse over ten years ago. He's went on to operating casino kitchens, private dining clubs. Since relocating from Atlanta, GA Jason has gained experience in kitchen consulting and new restaurant openings.

 After 25 years in the industry, He is now starting a new journey into the Private Chef sector. He refers to his style of cooking as Southern Creole cooking, where it’s much more than cooking…it’s about the overall experience.